Downloadable videos can be watched on your own computer and/or device and then deleted after you are done; all without ever stepping foot in a library!

Videos @ InstantFlix

Videos @ Indieflix

InstantFlix is a HD streaming movie service providing unlimited access to award-winning shorts, feature films, and documentaries. With thousands of films to choose from across more than 50 countries, InstantFlix offers a viewing experience you can't get anywhere else; you can find the right film for you, by sorting by language, genre, or film length with easy-to-use filters. InstantFlix has quick browsing through their "Channels" such as Celebrities, American Film Institute, Comedy, Documentaries, Zombies, etc. InstantFlix includes films from major festivals all over the world, including Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and more! Watch movies on any Internet-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet with a Web browser! Also available on Roku, xBox, and Apple TV via Apple devices.

Videos @ Overdrive

Videos @ Overdrive

OverDrive provides support for iPod®, Zune®, Sony® Reader™, and thousands of other mobile devices. They offer the largest collection of audiobooks, eBooks, music, and videos to browse, check out, and download.

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