Outreach Services

Queens Library’s Outreach Services introduces more members of the community to Queens Library's programs and services, in order to maximize their positive impact. Outreach Services  goes beyond the physical walls of the 62 community libraries. Queens Library has programs and services that can enrich the lives of everyone in Queens, wherever they are.

Outreach Services reaches out to correctional facilities, shelters, hospitals, community centers, schools, universities, day care centers, nursing homes, faith based institutions, veteran’s organizations and more. We are partners with local businesses and employers, courts, police and public safety departments, houses  of worship, local agencies or local offices of state or national associations that provide services.

What can Outreach Services do for you?

Direct Library Service
When coming in to the library is not possible (incarcerated or shelter populations, for example), Outreach Services will offer reference and referral library service on your site and then provide a continuum of service when coming to the library becomes feasible. Call for more information.

Speakers’ Bureau
If you are an organization officer, community leader, school administrator or event organizer at a school, hospital, faith based organization, or community organization, please invite us to address your group. We will give your members a presentation about free library services, tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Library Outreach at Community Events
Queens Library is part every neighborhood, and we attend as many street fairs and events as possible, to inform he community and to sign people up for free library cards. Please contact us.

Mobile Library
Queens Library’s mobile library makes a great, colorful presence at your outdoor event. Please contact us to find out about availability and parking requirements.

Tour of Our Mobile Library


Complete the Outreach Services Request Form

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We cannot guarantee that we can fulfill all requests. Please expect a response in 5 business days.